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  • Our vision

    Our students say we provide professional, but fun classes, in a cosy and multicultural atmosphere, where you can feel at ease and speak the language from the very first class.


    In Spanish Lessons Amsterdam, we use a communicative approach to get you to the level you want at the pace you need. We do our best to provide one-of-the-kind, feel-good lessons to our unique students in Amsterdam.


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  • START IN MAY 2022

    Dates for June and July will be posted on May, 24th

    8-week Course Level A1.1

    (Beginners 1)

    At Location

    1) AT LOCATION (MAY) 3 spots left!

    Start date: 31-05-22 to 26-07-22 (no classes on 14-06)
    Days and times: Tuesdays 20:15 hs to 21:45 hs
    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hs each.
    Prices: € 210 (max 8 students).The fee doesn't include the class books



    Class book (for all Beginners courses): Aula Internacional 1 Nueva Edición, Difusión.




    8-week Course Level A1.2

    (Beginners 2)

    Online/at location



    Start date: 17-05- 22 to 12-07-22 (no classes on 14-06)
    Days and times: Tuesday 18:15 hs to 20:45 hs
    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hs each.
    Prices: € 210 (max 8 students).The fee doesn't include the class books
    b) ONLINE (JUNE)
    Start date: 13-06- 22 to 01-08-22
    Days and times: Mondays 20:00 to 21:30 hs
    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hs each.
    Prices: € 180 (max 8 students).The fee doesn't include the class books


    Class book (for all Beginners courses): VITAMINA 1 - SGEL publisher
    (Please note that we are changing the books for this level from April 2022, so it might not be the book you used in previous courses).







    8-week Course Level A2.1

    (Pre-Intermediate 1)



    Start date: new dates coming soon!
    Days and times: -
    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hs each.
    Prices: € 210 (max 8 students).The fee doesn't include the class books






    8-week Course Level A2.2

    (Pre-Intermediate 2)




    Start date: new dates coming soon!
    Days and times: -
    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 each.
    Prices: € 210 (max 8 students).The fee doesn't include the class book.

    b) ONLINE


    Start date: new dates coming soon!
    Days and times: -
    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 each.
    Prices: €180.- (max 8 students). The price doesn't include the class book
    Class book: Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edición (these books will be used in Level A2 and level A2+).
    Please click below for more information about the books

    8-week Course Level B1.1

    (Intermediate 1)

    Online. EVENING

    Start date: new dates coming soon!

    Days and times:-

    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hours each

    Price: €180-max 8 students. The fee doesn't include the class book



    Class book: 

    Aula Internacional 3 Nueva Edición (these books will be used in Level B1.1 and level B1.2)

    Please click below for more information about the books.












    8-week Course Level B1.2

    (Intermediate 2)


    Start date: 30-05-2022 to 25-07-2022 (no classes on June, 6th)

    Days and times: Mondays 18:15 to 19:45 hs

    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hours each

    Price: €180-max 8 students. The fee doesn't include the class book



    Class book: 

    Aula Internacional 3 Nueva Edición (these books will be used in Level B1.1 and level B1.2)

    Please click below for more information about the books.










    8-week Course Level C1.1

    (Advanced 1)


    Start date:-new dates coming soon!

    Days and times: -

    Total of classes: 8 classes of 1,5 hours each

    Price: €180-max 8 students. The price doesn't include the class book



    Class books:

    Vitamina C1- SGEL




    Please send us an email if you are interested in this level.






    For all the loners out there, who need their personal space, we can go at your own pace!



    Relaxed-easy going classes to focus on your needs, and your needs only!


    • Set of 12 hours of classes: Normal price €670. 
    • SPECIAL OFFER: If you take them in the mornings or early afternoon, you only pay €620!!
    • Single class (duration of 1 hour): € 75 (not part of a pack)

    You can buy a set of 12 hours' worth of classes and decide how to take them according to your own availability. So, for example, you can choose to do one, two, or three hours a week. It's up to you!




    Register for private classes here

  • Bring a Friend!

    If you recommend the classes to your friends, the first package of classes have a €10 discount all year round! over the total price for both of you!! Oh yeah.

    Student's Discount

    We get it: your furniture is from Marktplaats, you live with 6 other people: you are a student!


    Fear no more! There's always a €10 over the price of the courses or private lessons. Contact us for more info!



    Mili Simarro

    Founder- Director-Teacher

    Mili is an Argentinian licensed Literary Translator Specialized in English and Spanish, from Buenos Aires. She loves living in Amsterdam and meeting new, "language-hungry" people.


    She has studied English for most of her life and, back in Argentina, she started working as an independent translator in 2006 (yes! almost 15 years ago!). After a while, she started teaching as well, and she has enjoyed every minute of it!


    With an experience of 15 years in teaching at schools and also as a freelancer, she understands that in order to learn any language, the way of teaching has to adapt to each student and shift accordingly.


    With this idea in mind, Mili has created "Spanish Lessons Amsterdam" in 2010 (10 years ago!), a place where everyone who enjoys learning languages and having a good time can come to learn español!


    Verónica Bustin

    Spanish and English Teacher

    Vero was born in La Pampa, but considers herself a true porteña, as she spent most of her life in Buenos Aires. She has a degree in English/Spanish translation from the University of Buenos Aires.


    She first started teaching English and Spanish in 2006... in China, where she lived for almost 3 years. Humour is an important part of her classes, as she believes a spoonful of sugar definitely makes the grammar go down.


    An avid traveller, she's visited parts of South and North America, Europe and South East Asia, and is always planning the next trip. While she saves for said trip, Vero indulges in dancing, singing, reading, baking brownies and/or cakes, and wandering around Amsterdam.

    Cristina Jiménez García

    Spanish Teacher

    Cris was born in Seville, a sunny and colorful city in the south of Spain and she has arrived recently in Amsterdam after living in Napoli and Lisbon.


    She has a degree in Communication and is a certified Spanish teacher since 2015. She is also a photography and languages lover and she believes that learning new languages is a way of having a new perspective on life.


    Learning with Cris means learning Spanish but, also learning about the culture, traditions, music, cinema, etc. She is a dynamic teacher ready to hear your experiences and share hers with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable, but especially, she is ready to do her best to help you to improve at the pace you need.

    Pilar Lázaro

    Spanish and English Teacher

    Pilar is from a town near Madrid and has moved to Amsterdam looking for a change. So far she doesn't miss the sun at all and loves her pink-wheeled bike, fearing the moment it gets stolen.

    An avid reader from a young age thanks to her father and his library full of horror novels, she decided to graduate in English Studies where she found the joys of language acquisition. She specialized in applied linguistics and continued her career focusing on the methodology for teaching Spanish. She has been teaching English and Spanish to children and adults for four years now.

    A very important thing for her is that her students feel comfortable and relaxed in class, that's the way to learn, enjoy and experience a language and its culture while having some fun. She also likes board games a lot, so be ready to play!

    Marta Latorre

    Spanish Teacher

    Marta arrived in Holland from desert lands of Almería, in the very south of Spain. Having lived in different countries such as Germany and Ireland, in 2016 she decided to settle in the Netherlands.


    She has been teaching Spanish around the world since 2014, which makes her a very experienced teacher. Marta also has a background in painting and sculpture and is currently working on artistic projects related to social and cultural issues.


    In her classes, Marta especially enjoys the interaction with people and the good vibe of a room full of people ready to learn and share their experiences. For this reason, the most important thing for her is creating a good atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable and above all, have fun!

  • Testimonials

    What people think of our face!

    "Absolutely the best course"

    "Spanish Lessons Amsterdam is absolutely the best course to take if you want to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time! After 3 months of classes with Mili I put my Spanish skills into practice in South America and could have conversations with the locals! I highly recommend Spanish Lessons Amsterdam and will come back for the advanced classes for sure!"


    Adinda Karperien, the Netherlands

    "I am surprised about the progress I have made"

    "I have been studying Spanish with Mili for two months and I am surprised about the progress I have made. The classes are very entertaining since she makes students interact with each other and talk a lot in Spanish. Furthermore she is funny, very patient and creative in finding different ways to make us learn"

    Pietro di Filippo, from Italy

    "You can't go wrong!"

    "Mili makes every class fun! I actually look forward to each class, as I know we are going to have a good time - we play games, listen to music and find a lot of creative ways to learn the material, which is exactly what someone like me needs to stay focused and motivated. Mili is great at keeping the balance between the progress we need to make, and keeping the class light and entertaining. You can't go wrong with Mili! I would (and have) recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn a language, but has a hard time fitting classes into their busy schedule - Mili will definitely keep you motivated"

    Tamar Matalon, from Israel

    "For the first time ever I look forward to class"

    "I have tried to learn Spanish many times before but always gave up after a certain period. I love the classes with Mili. They are always fun, there is a great atmosphere and for the first time ever I look forward to class. Thanks Mili, you rock!"


    Edel Kavanagh, from Ireland

    "Best Spanish lessons ever!"

    "Best spanish lessons ever! with such a nice and easy going teacher Mili:) I am very glad to be your student! Muchas Graciassss :))"

    Nurseda, from Turkey

    "My progress was extremely rapid"

    " took my first Spanish course recently with Sara, and it was superb. The classes were really enjoyable but also completely packed and challenging from day one. It was only at the end that I realised how tough the work schedule had been, because during the classes it was so much fun! My progress was extremely rapid thanks to the combination of Sara's energy and the well-structured material. I can't wait for the next level!"


    David Smerdon

    "You feel like wanting more"


    It is an interactive lesson where in the end of it you feel like wanting more. It really motivated me studying spanish , even after an exhausting day at work"


    Phaedon Brotzakis, from Greece

    "Mili is a really energetic teacher who knows what she is doing"

    "Mili is a really energetic teacher who knows what she is doing. Every time she makes the lessons fun which helps to make progress. But be warned! You need to do your homework, otherwise no colorful sticker

    Indrek Parna, from Estonia


    "I took private spanish lessons with Sara. She is very good, patient en funny. I enjoyed her lessons a lot and she was also flexible when to arrange the lessons according to my needs.
    Time goes by very quickly during the lesson because it is interesting and nice.

    I also liked her patience in correcting my mistakes and pronounciation every time, that helps a lot!



    Carmen Cerruto, from Italy

    "They make learning Spanish fun"

    "Mili is a great teacher. She makes learning Spanish fun and is very open to suggestions on how best to tailor the lessons to suit your level and needs."

    Judy Rodriguez, from Canada

    "I found exactly what I was looking for"

    "I was looking for a not too school-like approach to learn Spanish during my time in Amsterdam. Since usually weekdays are exhausting this was essential for me. Turned out I found exactly what I was looking for. Classes were informal, with a lot of interaction and actually amusing! Teacher (Sara) was great as well. Patient, sense of humor and a good teacher 'tout court'. I'd definitely recommend Mili's/Sara's classes!"

    Phillipe Claeys, from Belgium

    "I improved significantly"

    "I took Spanish lessons with Sara for 2 months and had a really positive experience. Sara is an incredibly patient teacher and is always finding ways to make learning a more interesting, fun and personal experience. I improved my Spanish skills significantly during this time, not only in written and reading, but gained a lot more confidence in my conversational skills as well. I have taken Spanish classes in the past and haven't gained as strong of an understanding as I did with Sara. She is so nice and effective and would recommend her highly! Thanks for everything Sara!!"


    Gillian Ross

    "Fun and comfortable atmosphere"


    "Mili creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere to learn Spanish in. I'd recommend Mili to anyone in Amsterdam looking to learn Spanish. Props to Mili!"


    Michael Herrera, from the UK

    "True dedication and talent"

    "Mili is an excellent teacher with true dedication and talent, and she makes studying fun. I would recommend Spanish Lessons Amsterdam to anyone interested in learning Spanish in a fun, relaxed & effective manner"


    Erika Ahvenainen, from Finland

    "Energetic, informal and always fun to attend"

    Mili's Spanish lessons are energetic, informal and always fun to attend. Me gustan!


    Nanna, from Finland

    "Extremely useful"

    "The classes are informal and conversational, making the learning fun and extremely useful if you know a lot but struggle to speak in Spanish"


    Aysha, from Gibraltar

    "They get people to talk"

    They really get people to talk, which I find great. Even if there are people with different levels in the class I feel that they manage to make sure that everyone equally benefits from the class​.


    Nina Brauchart



    "You will be speaking good Spanish in no time"

    Sara is a lovely person and great teacher. She is caring and understanding with a firm approach. I began on beginners 2 and at first I felt like I was struggling a lot which knocked my confidence in the class but Sara kept patient and firm with me and managed to pull me through. I am now more confident and starting to speak better Spanish. I enjoy going to classes with the cosy small sized groups of nice people! These classes are fun and if you are willing to put in the extra effort outside of class you will be speaking good Spanish in no time. Highly recommended"


    Janine Conley

    "Extremely positive"

    Pilar is an extremely positive person. She has great attitude, makes people feel welcome to ask questions. She encourages to try even if you are not sure and doesn't make you feel silly if you do something wrong. She is very patient.


    <!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->Sandra Nitendel, USA


    "Spanish classes with Mili are amazing"

    Spanish classes with Mili are amazing; whether over skype or face-to-face we always manage to have a lot of fun (and learn a lot too!)

    Mili tailors the class to meet your specific needs, tailors her dialect to compliment the type of Spanish you are learning, and tailors her humour to keep you laughing.

    Plus, she has sweets and stickers. What more could you need?


    Tommy Crawford, UK

    "You learn quickly, and it's very interactive"

    "The classes are really perfect! I took a group class from Milagros.
    Classes are very fun, you learn quickly, and it's very interactive.
    What I personally like is that Mili is from Argentina, so learning some more South American vocab and pronounciation!"

    Jaap Van Der Velder, Amsterdam


    I am from Ireland and lived 15 years in Amsterdam before marrying a Spanish man and moving to Spain which is a country where you need to speak the language if you want to live there, si o si:-) Mili helped me a lot to make this transition and gave me private Spanish classes which were fun, interesting and very helpful. I highly recommend her as an excellent place to study Spanish."


    Mairead Ryan, Ireland

    "I am very happy!"

    "From the very beginning I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Spanish Lessons Amsterdam! Spanish classes with Sara are great, she is a fantastic and effective teacher! Our weekly classes are fun, relaxed, yet structured, and provide a super comfortable learning environment. Learning continues at a great speed, week after week, building more and more. I studied Spanish years ago, being able to revisit it has been the best, I am very happy that I found Spanish Lessons Amsterdam!"


    Salina Nickell, USA

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Terms & Conditions
1) Registration and payment
1.1) Every course includes a frst interview (optional) to determine level and course to
follow (free of charge). Please let us know if you would like to have it!
1.2) The course should be paid within 48 hours after the online registration is being
made. If you can’t transfer the fee within this limit, you need to contact the school
otherwise, the spot will be given to another student.
1.3) We only accept transfer from the UE at the moment. If you'd like to transfer from another continent, please let us know and we'll arrange it. Do not transfer automatically if your bank is from outside the UE as we won't be able to refund you in case the course is cancelled.
1.4) The school reserves the right to postpone the start date of a group if this doesn't
meet the minimum of students required (5 people). In such cases any course fees
already paid will be refunded in full and you will be notified at least 5 days prior to the
start of the course.
1.5) Our courses have a maximum of 8 participants. Seats are limited!
1.6) All of our fees exempt of BTW for private students. However, please note that if the
invoice is addressed to a company, an extra 21% BTW needs to be added.

2) Cancellations
2.1) Very important! ***Group lessons cannot be made up for or refunded*** in any
Please note that once the payment has been fnalised, it is not possible to ask for a
refund or a change of group, no exceptions. We open courses according to the number
of people, so we hope you understand.
2.2) Private lessons can be made up for if you let us know 24 hours in advance (there is a
maximum of 2 lessons per month that can be modifed and they have to take place
within the same month).

3) Course information
3.1) Please note that you will need some time outside the class to do homework and to
study for the classes.

All Beginner courses (A0 and A1) are more intensive than others and therefore, you’ll
need at least 2-3 hours per week to study at home.
All the rest of the courses (A2 to B1) need 2 hours a week to study outside the class.
3.2) All the information concerning requirements to join each level and what will be seen
during the course can be found on our website inside each information box. Please take the time to read it.

Addendum: COVID-19: please note that due to the pandemic, all of our courses happening at the location Spuistraat can be moved online at any point in time. There will be no refunds issued in this case.

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